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Locus ERP

Locus ERP is a suite of software products combining next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality with real-time business process management capabilities from design through development, distribution and sales. Designed for small to large-sized apparel companies which delivers capabilities in sales, service, produt data, production, supply chains, financials, human resources, planning and scheduling.

 ERP is software which integrates all functionalities of the organization in a single database. It streamlines all the business processes and gives desired result on a click of a button.ERP software incorporates a large amount of industry specific business functionalities which will ensure less customization to make the package suitable to your business operations. Most important advantage of ERP software is integration of all the business solution in a single platform, which reduces unnecessary paper work, documentation, repeated entry, cycle time etc. The software also comes with its framework of upgrades to changing technologies.In the ERP software business functionalities and operating processes are built into standard software codes, thus it require lesser time to understand process related issue of implementation and gives industry specific best practices.ERP software automates the business processes and also forces its own logic (industry specific) on the business.Accounting applications is another advantage of ERP It can integrate the costing, profit, and revenue information of sales that are made etc,


Empower your people with powerful tools.

That's where we come in. The role-tailored experience of Mints ERP gives your people access to information. The right information. And, when your people get their hands on data specific to their day-to-day jobs they get started quickly, become more productive and more efficient even faster than before.




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